Walt Price Featured Presenter for IADC Webinar on Telemedicine

On Wednesday, October 11th, Walt Price will be a co-presenter on an IADC webinar entitled: “Phoning It In…Issues of Liability, Insurance Coverage, and Administrative Regulation in Telemedicine.”

Overview: With increased connectivity and faster internet speeds, telemedicine is easier and more practical than ever. However, this practice raises some unique issues such as when the practitioner lives in a different state or country from the patient, what licensing and medical board rules apply, what insurance coverage requirements apply, and how is the fact a remote healthcare provider is involved in a patient’s care documented in the medical records. Also, telemedicine allows for unique liability claims and strategies for defense of those claims. This webinar will provide insight into some of these interesting questions.

This webinar is sponsored by the IADC Medical Defense and Health Law Committee.