2017 Alabama Medical Malpractice Appellate Decisions

Huie provides insight into recent case law related to 2017 Alabama medical malpractice appellate court decisions.

Specifically, we examine the following issues and their relevant case law:

  • Exception to Rule That a Breach of the Standard of Care and Causation Must Be Establish by Expert Testimony
  • Statute of Limitations Applicable to Indemnity Action
  • Summary Judgment Affirmed in Case Where Patient Sought to Hold Hospital Vicariously Liable for Conduct of an Emergency Department Physician
  • Complaint Made to the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners Held Non-Discoverable

The Bain decision is the most notable as the Supreme Court of Alabama rejected the plaintiff’s effort to hold a hospital vicariously liable for the alleged acts and omissions of an emergency department physician.

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