Huie Partners Included In Benchmark Litigation 2018 Listing

Huie partners De Martenson, Stan Cash and Alan Thomas were each named a Local Litigation Star in Benchmark Litigation 2018. Together, these three attorneys have more than 110 combined years of defense litigation experience.

Now in its 11th year of publication, Benchmark exclusively covers the litigation and disputes market in North America, covering the US, Canada and Mexico. The original publication, Benchmark Litigation, is the only publication to focus exclusively on US litigation.

The results of Benchmark Litigation stem from the culmination of a research period where researchers conduct extensive interviews with litigators and their clients to identify the leading litigators and firms. During these interviews, researchers examine recent casework handled by law firms and ask individual litigators to offer their professional opinions on peers.

Firms cannot pay to be recommended for the guide. Instead, firms are independently offered the opportunity to take a professional listing regardless of editorial content. Recommendations are based on interviews with the nation’s leading private practice lawyers and in-house counsel.