Summary Judgment in Fraud and Breach of Contract Matter

Huie attorneys Bart Cannon, Woods Parker and Cameron Rentschler recently obtained summary judgment on behalf of Ford Motor Company (“FMC”) and Ford Motor Service Company (“FMSC”) in a case involving allegations of fraud and breach of contract. The plaintiff alleged that FMC and/or FMSC misrepresented the terms of an extended service plan (“ESP”) thereby inducing her to enter into the agreement when she purchased her vehicle. She further alleged the defendants breached obligations owed to her pursuant to the terms of the ESP and sought to recover compensatory damages, including for physical and mental anguish, as well as attorneys’ fees and costs.

Prior to trial, and before even addressing the merits of the plaintiff’s claims, Huie attorneys filed a motion arguing that there were no genuine issues of material fact to decide at trial because the plaintiff did not suffer any damage as a matter of law. The trial court agreed, granted FMC and FMSC’s motion and dismissed all fraud and breach of contract claims asserted against them with prejudice prior to trial.