Defense Verdict for Allstate Insurance Company Obtained by Huie

Huie, Fernambucq & Stewart attorneys Tom Bazemore and Brent Almond obtained a defense verdict for client, Allstate Insurance Company, in the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Alabama on December 11, 2013 after a two and a half day jury trial in the case of Tinker v. Allstate Insurance Company.

Plaintiff Tinker sued Allstate contending that he sustained extensive damage to his property which was covered under a policy of insurance issued by Allstate. The plaintiff claimed that the damage to his pool was caused by lightning which allegedly struck a tree and traveled through the root system resulting in extensive damage to the pool’s underground pipes. Allstate alleged that the damage had been caused by settlement and was therefore expressly excluded under the policy of insurance and did not represent a covered loss. The evidence was submitted to the jury and a verdict was returned in favor of Allstate.