Bart Cannon Secures Huie Defense Verdict

On June 30, 2016, attorney¬†Bart Cannon secured a Huie defense verdict on behalf of a trucking company in a case involving a collision between two tractor trailers that occurred in Colbert County, Alabama. The plaintiff, also a trucking company, filed suit against the defendant claiming that the defendant’s employee negligently caused the collision by failing to keep a lookout as he was backing into a parking space at a truck stop. The plaintiff sought recovery for the damage to its tractor trailer and downtime allegedly incurred while the repairs were being made. The defendant answered denying all allegations of the complaint and further asserting its own counterclaim alleging that the plaintiff’s employee was in fact the negligent party by failing to yield the right of way consistent with well-known and accepted practice in the trucking industry.

After hearing testimony and receiving evidence at trial, the District Court of Colbert County found in favor of the defendant as to the plaintiff’s claim, found in favor of the defendant as to its counterclaim, and assessed damages against the plaintiff for the amount incurred by the defendant in purchasing replacement parts as a result of the plaintiff’s employee’s negligence.