Defense Verdict for Ford Motor Company in Florida

Huie attorney Greg Schuck secured a defense verdict for Ford Motor Company on March 2, 2017, in Seminole County, Florida.

In June 2010, the 19-year-old Plaintiff’s decedent was involved in a single vehicle rollover crash after experiencing a tread separation on Interstate 95 near Malabar, Florida.  Her parents brought suit against Ford Motor Company alleging that the design of the 2000 Ford Explorer caused the loss of control and subsequent rollover.

Ford provided evidence at trial that the Explorer was properly designed, safe and not the cause of either the loss of control or the subsequent off-road furrow trip rollover. In addition, Ford showed that the nearly worn out aftermarket tire combined with the decedent’s failure to wear her seatbelt were the real causes of the accident and subsequent ejection of the decedent. Schuck tried the case along with Florida counsel John Seipp, Jon Hernan and Wendy Lumish.

At the close of the trial, which lasted nearly two weeks, the Seminole County jury returned a verdict in favor of Ford after four hours of deliberation.