Partners Testify Regarding Proposed Amendment to Civil Rules

Huie partner John Isaac Southerland testified on January 4, 2019, in Phoenix, AZ, and partner Greg Schuck will testify February 8, 2019, in Washington D.C. regarding a proposed amendment to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(6).  There are two aspects to this proposal: (1) the serving party and the organization served must confer about the number and description of the matters for examination; and, (2) the parties must confer about the identity of the individual(s) designated by the organization to testify.  Huie submitted a written submission regarding Rule 30(b)(6) during the early stages of the comment period, and individual partners including Southerland and Schuck are submitting individual comments.

If you are interested in participating and having your voice heard on this proposed amendment, you may submit a comment no later than February 15, 2019, using the following link:

Southerland’s testimony can be found using the following link: