Huie Attorneys Published in American Journal of Trial Advocacy

“Stop the Madness: Making Reasonable Amendments to Rule 30(b)(6) Once and for All”

American Journal of Trial Advocacy

Spring 2019

Volume 42, Number 2



Greg Schuck

John Isaac Southerland

Will Thompson



Since its inception, Rule 30(b)(6) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure has become a widely used discovery device whereby a party may obtain information from a corporate entity by deposing one or more of its officers, employees, or agents. In April 2018, the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules released a proposed amendment to Rule 30(b)(6). This Article traces the history of Rule 30(b)(6), examines many of the problems that arise in the practical application of the Rule in its present form, analyzes the proposed amendment, and finally proposes alternative amendments that more efficiently and fairly balance the need to reduce discovery disputes while protecting a party’s right to obtain discovery from corporate entities.

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