Industry Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one of the most dynamic and complex industries. It encompasses numerous sectors and subsectors. However, the common goal is to help patients maintain and reestablish good health. In this regard, our team at Huie has experience working with all involved parties in the multifaceted healthcare system. These parties include physicians, affiliated providers, hospitals and health systems. In times of need, our clients have come to rely on our team of healthcare attorneys.

In an effort to provide additional training opportunities for Huie attorneys with healthcare-related practices, we recently introduced an in-house program called Mastering Medical Matters (“M3”).  The goal of this program is to bring in local healthcare providers who can provide fundamental instruction and updates on prevalent medical issues. Example speakers and topics include an OB nurse to talk about reading fetal monitor tracings, an anesthesiologist to talk about anesthesia basics, a respiratory therapist to talk about intubation and extubation, among others. Often, subject matters are directly aligned with the types of cases we are handling.